Flying Gators membership is quite affordable, and is available to all pilots from student through commercial and ATP!

Membership Dues & Fees

Entry Fee
The cost to join the Club is $500.00.  This is a one time charge applied when your membership is approved and is not refundable. Family members (spouse and children under 25 living at home) are also eligible to fly.

Monthly Dues
Dues are $45.00 per month plus 1 hour of flying (see Minimum Flying). Dues cover fixed costs such as insurance, taxes and tiedown.

Minimum Flying
Minimum flying (billed) is equal to 1.0 hour (not including fuel costs) in the C-150 per calendar month.  The minimum requirement is intended to encourage our members to remain current and to ensure minimum cash reserves for aircraft maintenance.

Flying Gators invoices are sent out monthly via email (USPS if requested).

Flying Gators Benefits

Great Aircraft
The club aircraft are well equipped and maintained.

The club maintains excellent insurance coverage on its aircraft. Are you insured when you rent an aircraft? Flying Gators members are when they fly the club airplanes!

Tach Time
Our rates are based on tach time, not Hobbs time!

Easy Scheduling
Scheduling of the aircraft is done through an automated system that is available online and from any touchtone telephone or cell phone 24 hours a day 365 days per year.

Membership Rules & Application
Click the links below to download our current membership rules and application.

Contact Us
Email JC for more information!